Children’s Concerts

Children’s Concerts, Large and Small

The Munich Symphony Orchestra offers children’s concerts in large and small formats: for example, pre-school children can accompany “Troll Trill” on his fascinating journey through the magic forest – in the intimate setting of our rehearsal space at the Bavaria Music Studios.

Children’s Concerts at bigBOX in Kempten

Our children’s concerts at the bigBOX in Kempten, on the other hand, often exceed the confines of a normal interactive concert. During recent years, more than 5,000 children and parents attended the events at Kempten’s bigBOX. In close cooperation with schools of the Allgäu region, the children are prepared in class for the classical work they will hear during the concert. Pre-rehearsed songs and movements are part of the children’s concerts and are presented live with the orchestra. Led by our presenter, Tabea Süßmuth, during recent events hundreds of paper boats floated down Smetana’s Vltava River, children sang the Peacock Song to Zoltán Kodály’s “Peacock Variations” and chanted thunderstorm noises in unison with the orchestra.

“You can see a lot with your ears”

The two are best friends: Mathis, a blind boy, and Muks, his faithful dog, who can also speak. Only one thing separates them: Mathis loves classical music, while Muks prefers gambolling around the meadow. To him, music is simply noise. A mysterious task takes the two of them on a journey through music history, and so the adventure begins. Will the two friends solve the mystery? One thing is certain, Muks develops curiosity about music. And Mathis has always known that you can see a lot with your ears.

The piece offers a fascinating, wonderful opportunity to travel through time and music – even adults are enchanted. On the basis of the audio play “Man sieht auch mit den Ohren gut”, the music journalist Kerstin Unselt wrote a one-hour stage version for children aged 6 to 12. The narrator Florian Fischer, a well-known actor who also recorded the audio book, tells the story in his pleasant voice – it is almost impossible to stop listening!

Concerts in a Case – Cleverly Packaged Music

When an orchestra goes on tour, the instruments must be packed up in cases. And these very cases form the backdrop for a special musical event in an intimate setting. Families with children aged 4 to 10 years are invited; depending on the programme, the size of the ensembles vary. Fascinating music and imaginative scenes are combined in an entertaining concert event for young and older listeners.

The experienced musicians of the Munich Symphony Orchestra perform excerpts from musical works such as “Peter and the Wolf”, “Troll Trill” or excerpts from Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony “From the New World”, illustrating the sound of their individual instruments. The works are embedded in an entertaining story, introducing even small children to instrumental music while also entertaining larger kids. After the concert, the children are invited to ask the musicians questions about their instruments and the piece of music just performed.

The Munich Symphony Orchestra can unpack only one case or up to 30! Please contact us anytime to enquire about the possibility of booking a Concert in a Case.